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Our easy navigation - there is no better way!

Our easy navigation - everything is close, no need to search for your subpages in options, no hidden menus or lost minutes on finding where your subpages are. Hundreds of templates available!

Add new page easily!

Did you ever see it? Don't waste your time on finding what is where - everything is here, as intuitive as possible!

Easy again.

You will not find any problems here! Everything is easy, want to add a subpage? Never easier!

Edit your subpages

Built in Visual HTML Editor (so called WYSIWYG), doesn't it look like MS Office which you already know? Yes, even easier! Have a play with this, you can see the result immediately, no need to know HTML or other magic! Focus on content, let us take techincal part for you!

Easy set page properties

From page name to password protection, you can even set different template for each subpage

Paste code easily! YouTube, Facebook, Anything!

Do you want to add a YouTube movie to your website? Map from GoogleMaps? Or any HTML, JavaScript code or just some piece of CSS style? You can do it easily with this "Paste HTML Code" module

Is your subpage boring?

Does it look boring? Just block of text? Use our predefined content templates, which will attract your subpages with columns and images, it's realy great!

The easiest subpage ordering

Just click Up - if you want a subpage to appear higher or Down - if you want a subpage to appear lower, it was never so easy!

Resize when uploading

Did you ever have problems with too big images on your website? Forget it! Built in feature "Resize for Internet" will check if uploaded image is not too big and it'll resize it automatically!

Built in News System

Publish News & Updates on your website easily, compose an update in visual content editor, do it as quick & easy as possible

Vote Poll

Get into interaction with your visitors, ask their feelings about your website or... weather?

Contact Form

Simple but powerful contact form, just enable or disable parts of form, and run it. It allow your visitors to contact you directly from your website


Creating a Gallery was never so easy, stop wasting your time on resizing your images or creating thumbnails, with built in Gallery you can create unlimited albums quickly!

Meta Tags

You can set MetaTags directly from Admin Area, no need to modify template or use any Meta Tags "tools" - everything is here already.


Built in statistics provided by GoogleAnalytic, just add your Analytics ID here and watch your stats grow!

Powerful Configuration

Everything is here, you can set SEO Friendly level, your local date or time format + anything you need to set in your successful website!

Edit Templates

Built in Template Editor allow you to modify any part of your template or even built it from scratch with our visual HTML editor!

Stay Save

Your administration area is saved by password, only you can access your website's back-end

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